Why cant i be loved

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The catch is, you must relax and actually BE you. Not the you that you think you should be. You must choose to stop spending your life saying and doing things just so others will think you are cool and accept you. That takes years of practice because we are so used to using Masks. Start by watching the way you talk to people. What are you saying and why are you really saying it? Are you tense? Are your shoulders slightly shrugged? Is your tummy tight? Get my eBook 17 Attraction Triggers.

Together with her husband D. That breakthrough being the ability to show up as a true form of myself — the me without inhibition and concern over what others will do or say if I dare to open my mouth and speak from raw emotion. In so many words, I would describe my early childhood and young adult life as a typical pleaser with passive tendencies whilst interacting with others. This is due to experiencing psychological child abuse and learnt helpless from as far back … ».

Hello Renee Thank u fr the very instructive blogs. They help me a lot in coming in touch with my feminity especially at a time where being vulnerable and showing yur emotions is perceived as a of weakness sadly even amongst women To relate to this blod, i wld admit tht i hav always tried to be n stay a true person and that is why some people do not like me or hav been criticising me. I hav few really good friends because i prefer to b true to other people and i can sense whom i can trust … ».

I was on … ». Renee, This article came at a perfect time. I had nearly destroyed things with my man, and we nearly broke up, but we both knew in our hearts that this is meant to be, and that we needed to work on it. There I was, at the bottom of a fairly deep hole of my own making, wondering how to get out. Dear Renee thanks for all the messages, i started reading them this year. When I am simply me, I can take a look at what the real me actually generated to happen for myself. I can appreciate what I actually already have.

Being myself; present and aware; takes patience. Thanks for helping to … ». It leaves one Frustrated eventually. M glad that i can say that presently I am myself and being loved for beibg myself. Just a quick thank you for your wonderful blog and all your amazing work, Renee. Congratulations on your soon to arrive baby! Ya…absolutly true…it did work 4 me those days.. I have been myself quite a lot lately.

I have not been worrying whether or not a man I care about can take knowing that I have been through a lot because it is what connects us along with some really good things. About not such pleasant things; I had to be brave and discuss it with feelings about it all intact to let it out to him about these kinds of things, of course not taking it out on him or the world in communication at all.

If he … ». I enjoyed this article! Of course that bothers them and it scares them. So after that I started closing up and being scared all the time. So true. It takes lots of practice AND maturity. Be what you want from others genuinely. Thank you for the blog.

I keep thinking about being present, really present first to myself and then when I am with others. This article is saying the same thing…relax and be myself. You are right though I have grown used to wearing masks, and actually connecting with who I am can be not so easy. Hi Renee, I always appreciate your articles. I had read your article before going and started to become aware of how I reacted. I found that I was tense most of the time the atmosphere was uncomfortable — but if you are really yourself you should be able to BE yourself in any atmosphere.

But I noticed that I was tense and rigid with some people, and more warm and flowing … ». Hi Anna! I had to smile when you brought up your feelings towards the people you met who reminded you of someone in your past whom you liked. This is such a real of how things happen for all of us, and thank you for reporting it here in your comment!

It also serves to remind us not to be so closed down when someone seems to reject us the minute we meet them. Perhaps we just remind them of someone … ». And yes, of course, relief is definitely a gift of letting yourself being yourself. I would more describe is as a feeling of … ». That is very true. It takes us a long time to learn this though. I think when you are the way you are you attract exactly who you are supposed to attract. Very true. Well said, Renee…You always present in such a comforting and honest way…Thank you for your lovely blog and many congrats on extending your family….

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Why cant i be loved

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