Wanted a Madsen

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She needed to claim the win. On the bike Men quickly moved up in the ranking, but so did Stein, who notched the fastest bike split, but was quite far behind after the swim as he only reached T1 in tenth place. That meant Bendix Men had to give it his all on the run if he wanted to stay ahead of Stein. With the fastest run split of the day — — he managed to do so. After hours, it was therefore Bendix Men who broke the tape. Stein finished later, and Dahl Thomsen crossed the line after the first man. While Terss was still behind on Leisner in the water and on the bike, she killed it on the run.

Running seven minutes faster than Leisner, she managed to chase her down and take the lead. Terss needed just to complete the 21 km. That was more than enough to make up the five-minute deficit that she had to Leisner after the swim and bike. Saturday, 02 Oct, Photo: Theis Poulsen. News , Race Report. Romy Schooneveld September 11, pm. Bendix Men takes the win. Photo: Triathlon Today. News Triathlon. Huge payday for Super League leaders.

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Wanted a Madsen

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Thor Bendix Men and Lisa Gerss take the day at very fast Challenge Herning