Want to worship your ass

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When a guy goes down on you for the first time, how do you feel about him giving your butthole some love? Your thoughts? All right. I think the same logic applies to going even neck-deeper necker-deep? Because, penetration, you know? Except you, I mean. Bisexual for real!

Not even for the reasons you think, probably. Oh, cool which did you prefer and what were some of their names? I think! Anyway, I mean, you kind of know that right? Anyway, semantics, you know? I used to know a guy who only had one testicle. What an oddball! Calling someone in their 30s a girl seems weird, but the word woman is weird, too. Do you, a lady, have a preference? Should I just mix it up and stop over-thinking this?

Does anyone care? It depends. Good answer! Also, who are you worried about offending? Then she kind of lost interest and stopped talking to me. Then later, it came to my attention that she was telling her friends I had failed to perform in the bedroom!

But what the hell!? Is this a normal thing that girls do? Well, yes. A normal thing that girls do is talk about sex with their friends. So, yes, that is a thing. But also, guys do that too? All the time, on YoutTube? Or not. Who knows!? But yes, the answer is yes, girls talk about sex and will continue to do that forever.

Use it to your advantage instead. Thoughts on cum? Specifically, what part s of your anatomy do you most enjoy having it deposited on? A Lady is one of several rotating ladies who know everything. Do you have any questions for A Lady? Most Popular 1. How Do I Stay Motivated? A Note About The Hairpin.

Want to worship your ass

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How many girls out here would like to worship a guy's ass?