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When the occasional date night rolls around, sometimes, instead of playing dress up for a night of wining and dining out on the town, all you and your ificant other would like to do is get into some comfy clothes and curl up on the couch with some good movies. Thank God for Netflix and its infinite of choices for romantic entertainment! Of course, maybe you are not the couple that always wants to watch the kind of flick in which the romantic le have a perfect happy ending.

Maybe you both love the intensity of an action movie, or sharing laughs over a raunchy comedy, or perhaps even a dark thriller about an ill-fated couple put to the test by desperate circumstances just to make you feel proud about the stability of your own relationship. Whichever the cinematic preferences of you and your partner may be, we have a wonderful variety of good Netflix movies to choose from that are perfect for any date night.

Come share the love and take a look at our recommendations. He switched gears with something more grounded and personal for his third feature, Chasing Amy. Kevin Smith won the Independent Spirit Award for Best Screenplay for this comedic drama with a keen eye for the harsh complexities of love. Stream it here. Celebrity chef Sasha Ali Wong and aspiring musician Marcus Randall Park are childhood friends with a brief, awkward romantic history losing their virginities to each other who begin to question their feelings for each other after an unexpected reunion 15 years later.

This semi-autobiographical film from writer Will Reiser, also starring his friend Seth Rogen, might help establish a compromise. The film chronicles his struggles to deal with his illness with the help of his family, best friend Seth Rogen , and a cancer center therapist Anna Kendrick in a story that is just as heartbreaking as it is funny and even inspiring at times.

Sometimes date night is a great opportunity to introduce your ificant other to a genre they are ly unfamiliar with, such as, perhaps, superhero movies. Of course, with most comic book epics these days requiring you to watch movies in advance to stay up to speed, it might be best to start with one that literally does all the explaining you might need for you, like Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is one of the most inventive and visually striking superhero films in recent memory, which the Academy agreed on, giving it the Oscar for Best Animated Feature in Writer and director Spike Jonze offered a huge diversion from that trope in with Her , whose main plotline has become a little too realistic to be appropriately considered satire any longer.

Set in the near future, divorced love letter writer Theodore Joaquin Phoenix finds an unexpected new romance with Samantha voiced by Scarlett Johansson , the sentient virtual assistant feature of his computer operating system. The key to a healthy relationship is communication which, primarily in heterosexual couples, can be hindered by stereotypical gender roles that cause a lack of understanding of the opposite sex.

One way to explore this topic might be this French import exclusive to Netflix in the States that flips gender normalities on its head. In I Am Not An Easy Man , a chauvinistic womanizer Vincent Elbaz hits his head and wakes up in an alternate reality in which women wear business suits and hold much of the power in most walks of life, while males carry purses, are generally more emotionally sensitive, and are forcibly submissive to the affections of the female agenda.

This romantic comedy is a thought-provoking exploration of how society has historically defined the differences between men and women through an inventive lens. John Hughes was a master of exposing the daily struggles of the average American high school student through a humorous, yet never disingenuous, lens, such as in Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club. I mentioned earlier that some couples may indulge in a movie that makes their romantic situation appear especially favorable when compared to the relationship depicted in said film.

Will Logan Marshall Green and his girlfriend Kira Emayatzy Corinealdi are invited by his ex-wife Tammy Blanchard and her new husband David Michiel Huisman to a dinner party to reunite with old friends and introduce new ones. However, Will cannot shake the feeling that something is terribly wrong with this get-together, causing tensions to rise, old wounds to rip open, and the viewer to wonder, Is this guy crazy or is everyone in danger?

The truth will shock you. Teen romance, as depicted on film, often sees the lovable social outcast vying for the affection of the popular girl who does not initially seem to love him back. Instead, in The Spectacular Now , we have an unlikable social wizard convinced he is not worthy of being loved by the unpopular girl who only wants him to love her back.

A heart-breakingly romantic and often funny, The Spectacular Now is a unique Peter Pan -esque coming-of-age story about a boy who refuses to grow up until the reality that he has no choice in the matter hits too close to home. I cannot think of anything more pleasant to share with your ificant other than a film or series that gave you some of your most joyous childhood memories in front of a screen. It is even better when you can bond over a property you both grew up with. The late Gene Wilder stars as the famed titular chocolateer, who allows five lucky children into his bizarre, sometimes creepy, but overall wondrous candy factory, including the poor, yet precocious, Charlie Bucket Peter Ostrum.

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Movie date any one

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