Masculine Talkeetna looking for the same

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The unincorporated town of Talkeetna, Alaska sits at the confluence of three rivers, just south of Denali, 14 miles from the only highway that runs through the state. Inside The High Expedition. Photos by Totem Ent. He chose the latter and moved to Talkeetna in Eight years later, McAneney is the co-owner and e of Refine Alaska, an extraction company based in Talkeetna.

He also has a growing CBD business that sells products in gas stations and supermarkets across the state and is promoted by athletes like Kirstie Ennis, a former Marine who lost her leg in Afghanistan, and four-time Iditarod winner Lance Mackey.

But the foundation for his enterprise is The High Expedition, which has become a cannabis destination for thousands of tourists that arrive in Talkeetna every summer. Everything about The High Expedition screams Alaska, starting with its building, a man-made log cabin with bone-handle doors. The High Expedition reduces store hours in February, but the company still sponsors Iditarod mushers like Anja Radano during the winter.

Photo by Jake Graupmann. Genet is one of the most accomplished climbers ever to step foot on Denali, having reached the summit more than two dozen times, including as part of the first expedition to successfully reach the peak during winter. He was also the eighth American to summit Mount Everest, but died on that climb in The shop displays his ice axes, climbing suit, photos of Genet at the summit of Denali and branded merchandise with his likeness.

In fact, he was simply looking for any place in the isolated Alaskan town where he could establish a cannabis store. In , Genet was part of the first expedition to successfully summit Denali in the winter. At the time, Genet had no experience in mountaineering, but he talked his way into being included.

During their descent, they ended up stranded at 18, feet in a snow cave with an outside temperature of minus degrees Fahrenheit. After six days in the cave, the three men made a harrowing escape down the mountain. Genet became a legend overnight. He started a mountaineering service that he ran out of Talkeetna for more than 10 years. During that time, he summited the highest peaks on three continents, provided the U. Alaskans were enrapt by his bravado.

Genet was even featured in an ad in Vogue by the Alaska Division of Tourism, focusing on his irrepressible, masculine character. In , Genet successfully reached the summit of Mount Everest, but died during the descent. But that was only half the battle, McAneney says, as he had become hellbent on making Genet the face of his cannabis store. They live out in the bush; you have to take an airplane or snowmobile.

When I connected with them, they were a little skeptical, as I would think any family would be, but once they got to know me and I laid my plans out, they were pretty excited about it. Although Talkeetna has a population of about , Joe McAneney says about , tourists visit the town annually on their way to Denali National Park. Photo by Totem Ent. In addition to the video series, he plans to capitalize on the tourist market by opening a consumption lounge near the viewpoint.

Onsite consumption was legalized in Alaska in December , but McAneney says no one has opened a lounge thus far because of the standalone requirements from the state. Lounges have to be separate from the retail store but located on the same property. He plans for The High Expedition to have one of the first in the state. The company is currently building its two-story, Alaskan-themed smoking lounge with a small kitchen and a music stage for bands to play acoustic shows.

He says it will have mountain views and windows built for viewing the Aurora Borealis. Home Retail To the Summit. Share on Pinterest Share. Share on Facebook Share. Share on Twitter Tweet. Share on LinkedIn Share. Send Mail. Alaska Retail. Patrick Wagner. You may also like. Another Planet August 26, CannaTech Corner: Orchestrating dispensary technology worklo July 30, Striking a Chord July 29, Greenside v.

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Masculine Talkeetna looking for the same

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