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Amethyst on May 5, at AM. All this time later her reaction to finding out he was the Vigilante still feels off to me. It was just so wildly out of character. Shocked, angry, hurt, confused and need time off to think? Sure, totally understandable. Instantly cutting all ties like that? Even in a state of shock and confusion that flies in the face of everything we know about Val. A year and a half later it still bugs me. That awkward moment when a registered villain does more to improve the city than all the heros combined.

Jade on May 6, at AM. Good for him. Red Admiral on May 6, at AM. She knew the system was broken and the situation he was in, but decided to break up anyway, potentially causing him to go full dark side. Ebonbolt on May 6, at PM. No way in hell should she ever apologize.

She trusted you, red card and all, over all our objections. But you DID hurt her. Not to protect her, to protect yourself. You had a choice, you made it, and this is what happened. Black Rose on May 8, at AM. MercuryGreen on May 8, at AM.

Jordan on May 9, at PM. However, basing your decision solely off of your feelings on how their actions or choices affected you personally is selfish as well. She just refuses to see beyond her feelings. Poetically Psychotic on May 13, at AM. Ebonbolt He had to implicate the Vigilante, because otherwise people would assume it was an inside job. Kia on May 13, at PM. Adorable Reporter lady! Xero on May 14, at AM.

MauveCloud on May 14, at AM. Jade on May 15, at PM. David on May 16, at PM. Of course, if someone clues them in, things will get ugly for him in a hurry. She ought to at least be happy that he is still trying to fight the good fight, and he is also trying to play by the rules. The hero and Villain system is all about monetising blatant crime rather than eliminating it which means the best it can do is maintain the status quo.

Ebonbolt on May 20, at PM. Isauro was stuck in a bad spot, sure. The lie of omission would be, as the argument goes, a matter of a step back to consider. The continued action as the Vigilante, however, takes it into the realm of going behind her back to do something she finds unacceptable, something she is morally opposed to. And he knew it. He also behaved as if he were trying to do things her way leaking villain plots, etc.

The implicit lie was the biggie, here. Maybe, if a few Heroes push strongly enough, there can be some change in the system. One can hope. Gilly on May 20, at PM. David on May 21, at PM. Isauro is in an odd place. Heck, they still might. The question is, does Val realize that — instead of Isauro going vigilante on Mr. Mayor and the Metalhe — he did what she always used to approve of?

Any citizen can call in a hot tip. Any citizen can send evidence to the cops. And Val knows Isauro was working his way up inside an Evil organization. What did she think he was going to do when he found the top of the dung-heap? Would she have preferred he call her for help?? Personally, I think Val is still too angry to realize that Isauro is doing exactly what a red-card-minion with blue sympathies ought to do. But I am counting on Mackenzie, Chris, and Jasper to help her come to grips with it.

Or is he? Splice on May 24, at AM. Alex on May 25, at PM. It looks like the green nailed villain may know what happened, in which case Isauro is in big, big trouble. Gilly on May 28, at AM. Is this a once-a-month comic now? I do not see it in the header anymore, nor a comment, but I thought it was every Thursday with breaks? Not complaining, I just want to know how often to check in.

Sidekickgirl on May 29, at AM. So…the short answer is that I suck. Not really the issue. But the thing is, work is killing me. Getting to bed at nine, after having a little puppy time and a little breakfast and maybe exchange a grunt with the family. Then sleeping until five. And spending the next fivish hours stumbling around in a fugue of exhaustion, dozing off watching youtube, and utterly failing in getting anything reasonable done. Then I have roughly 48 hours to get done every chore for the week, give all my pets the attention they need, and actually see friends and family.

This whole comic thing for some reason seemed a lot easier when we were in our twenties. I wish I could say that coming up there was a date that everything ought to settle down and things will be better. As for when to check back? Really, check whenever you feel like it. Gilly on May 31, at AM. Thank you for the reply. Yeah, all those articles about having free time in the pandemic seem like taunts. While occasional updates are still nice, maybe you need a break? Depends on how you work, but if an hour a week over a few months to get a bit of a buffer is a better pace where you can still enjoy the webcomic process, well, I would like to see you happy and not abandon the project more than keep trying and get burned out.

I prefer to marathon projects though so I dunno if an hour a week pace would work for me, depends on how much I missed the making… so it really is about you figuring out how to find yourself settled, huh? I know that is hard, still figuring that out myself… and until I do I procrastinate by checking webcomics. Opus the Poet on June 4, at AM. Nice Roberta Flack reference, it explains the lack of energy to do multiple projects. Everybody is worn out. Someone Else on July 3, at PM. Whenever you have the time to start again will be soon enough. Take care of yourselves!

Mercurious on July 13, at PM. At least the villains are honest about being villainous. Sidekick Girl lost a lot of hero-cred in my books with her holier-than-tho shriek-fest. Ed Rhodes on July 16, at PM. Ebonbolt on July 16, at PM. Mercurious: I addressed this one earlier on this . Ed Rhodes on July 29, at PM. There was a contest going on between Sidekick Girl and PS as to which would last the longest without updating. PS just blinked.

Gilly on August 14, at AM. You are incorrect. You do not suck. What you are is a nonsucky human who is juggling a very busy human life and who has forgotten that humans need regular sleep in order to be healthy and strong enough to be creative. Creativity demands whole drawerfuls of spoons. Furthermore, it seems to be typical of webcomic creators for some reason that when they decide they need to drop one of their time-consuming activities, they all too often choose to drop sleep.

Brad on August 27, at PM. David on September 1, at PM. Kiatana on September 1, at PM. Val reacted this way because she has spent her entire career trying to fix the system from within. So Isauro taking matters into her own hands knowing her struggles is the ultimate betrayal.

Name required. Mail will not be published required. by Project Wonderful! Fighting crime, legally this time. Although why he let the hint slip is what confuses me…. It was about them. Their relationship never felt believable to me anyways. Amethyst one of her closest friends is dead and another is in prison because of his actions. Val is a human with all the emptions and irrationality that usually comes with that. Pass back to the critic! Thanks for your patience, people. Do what you gotta do you keep food on the table and stay relatively sane. I am concerned.

Ed — PrequelAdventures has not had a new since Dev 17, Go lie down. Hey sidekickgirl how are you doing?

Looking for side kick chick

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