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The pandemic has forced us all to pick up—and let go of—many routines, but scooping up the best running shoes for women can help you recommit to your fitness goals , whatever they may be. After all, those crusty sneakers lurking in the corner of your closet are probably begging for an upgrade. So we talked to a variety of runners —from pros and fitness influencers to women who just like to knock out a couple of miles from time to time—to find out what the best running shoes for women actually are.

Last but not least, find a shoe with some style. All products featured on Glamour are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. My normal response is to say that every runner is different, but the Nike Epic Flyknit React 2 has my vote as a great all-around running shoe for lots of runners.

Less than three weeks before I ran the New York City marathon in November, I took my beloved sneakers in for a checkup at my local Super Runners shop. But I had no choice. The sneakers were shot—no cushion, threadbare laces, flattened soles. Just over two weeks later, I ran all These sneakers from Nike are so lightweight, and every time my feet hit the ground, they give me a little boost that briefly makes me feel like a floating antelope who could run for miles and miles—until I stop to check my Instagram notifications like the digital native I am. When social distancing first started, I got new shoes and decided to become an outdoor runner like everyone else.

Once things got more serious, I switched to indoor workouts and the TechLooms transitioned perfectly to a lightweight training shoe. The soles are like soft pillows for your feet, and the shoe fits right above the heel so your ankle never slips out while running. The AirZoom Alphafly is not your typical running shoe. These are straight-up buoyant , packing so much bounce they actually feel a little bit like those moon shoes you had when you were a kid. I went bounding off like a little baby gazelle and discovered not only are these shoes the ultimate in comfort for my typically barefoot quarantine feet, they are speedy.

Which makes total sense considering it was a prototype of the Alphafly that runner Eliud Kipchoge was wearing when he ran the first sub-two-hour marathon in history last year. Newton Gravity are the best running shoes. They helped me stop heel striking, and I trust them at any distance. Reasonable price tag and great colors too! Running shoes are very personal to each runner. I recommend getting a proper fit from several different brands to see which are most comfortable for you and what will serve you best for your goals. I prefer a neutral shoe. For road running I turn to the Brooks Levitate.

It can make all the difference! And I love that these trail shoes have a wider toe box. They are lightweight, super comfortable, and very stylish. They also last forever, even when you run every day. You can wash and dry them in the washing machine at home so they always look fresh. Highly recommend. My favorite road shoes are the Altra Running Escalante Racers. They are lightweight and super comfortable, with a foot-shaped toe box that allows for your toes to spread out. They are also zero drop but not zero cushion—and they come in lots of cool colors.

Most of them are named for major marathon cities, and my current faves are the Boston version. I had three knee surgeries in four years, and following those I switched my shoes to Asics. Brooks Ravenna are my go-to shoes. They are light and comfortable but provide enough structure to keep my pronating feet in check. They last a good amount of miles.

They come out with new models frequently that keep getting better without changing the best bits of the shoe. Nike Vomero is great for neutral runners. I have trained for and run many marathons in them! I love Mizuno Wave Riders! I have been wearing them for 20 years. They have great support, are very comfortable, and are great for my wide feet and high arches.

When I discovered the Brooks running shoe in the Launch style—the now sold-out magnificent tie-dye print—I tossed every other running shoe I owned. The Launch is made for a neutral runner no pronation , and it fits my wide foot comfortably without looking like a boat or feeling constrictive.

They are super light and got me through my first marathon and several half marathons pain-free. I now own six pairs, and no other running shoe will ever cross my closet threshold. I even wore a new pair straight out of the gate on a major run with no problems, pains, or regrets! Allbirds are the cushiest way to feel like a good person.

I grew up loving K-Swiss shoes, and when I found out about this pair of classic, sleek kicks with a subtle rose gold detail , my inner year-old did a cartwheel. The best part? During the first few weeks of sheltering in place, I was in desperately need of some motivation.

Like a fitness fairy godmother, Nike delivered with the launch of its latest running shoe which I am not ashamed to admit I initially laced up only because they looked so damn cool. I instantly loved these—soft, cushiony, speedy, and exactly the boost I needed after a few weeks of sitting around my apartment. Mask up, lace up, and get ready to shake off some of those stay-at-home cobwebs. What should I look for in a running shoe? Ahead, the 21 best running shoes for women in Buy Now. More from Glamour.

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Looking for female runner

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