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From the moment you walk down the aisle to your departure as newlyweds, wedding music sets the tone for your celebration. But with so many classic hits and modern chart-toppers to choose from, picking the best wedding songs and avoiding inappropriate tunes can feel daunting at first.

Luckily, we've got plenty of musical inspiration for everything from getting ready to cutting the cake and exiting in your getaway car. To help you craft the perfect playlist, we've selected the best wedding songs for every moment of your special day, as well as the best wedding songs from each genre. Plan the wedding you've always dreamed of with a little help from our list below. Your wedding day will include plenty of events, from exchanging vows to entering your reception and enjoying your first dance. Given the ificance of each moment, your wedding songs should be thoughtfully chosen. The list below includes the best wedding songs for each part of your big day.

When selecting the best wedding songs for your wedding, you'll want to include music that represents your relationship. Don't feel confined to tradition when making your wedding playlist—after all, music preferences are different for every couple. Whether you're having a casual rustic wedding or an elegant black-tie affair, you'll find the best wedding songs from all genres to compliment every part of your day. Getting ready for your wedding is about more than fixing your hair and stepping into your outfit. It's a time of excitement and anticipation, and should it be enjoyed with friends, family, and a playlist of fun songs.

Below is a roundup of tunes that will start your day on a good note. The processional is when your groomsmen, bridesmaids, flower girl, ring bearer, and parents or grandparents enter the ceremony. The bride is traditionally the last to enter, often accompanied by her father or another family member. The order of events, as well as the musical selections, are ultimately up to the couple. Your processional music can be a traditional hymn or one of your favorite pop tunes that everyone will know.

The following songs are relaxed and uplifting selections that will accompany any processional beautifully. Some couples may prefer to walk down the aisle to a different tune than the processional. The following wedding songs are romantic yet mellow, and are sure to make your moment special. You might prefer having quiet background noise for special parts of the ceremony, like during a candle lighting or a reading. Choose from the following list to make your ceremony even more memorable. Once the ceremony is complete, the newlyweds will exit the altar area, followed by the wedding party and guests.

This is an excellent opportunity to play an upbeat song to celebrate the occasion and prepare guests for your reception. The suggestions below are great wedding exit songs to suit any type of ceremony. After the ceremony, guests will enter the reception area and wait for the couple and the wedding party to make their big entrance. The wedding party entrance song should be high energy, as it marks the beginning of the reception.

Some groups choose to walk in to funny songs, while others might show off a choreographed routine on the way to their seats. However your wedding party enters the reception, the following songs will get everyone ready for the night. You don't have to reception to the same tune as your wedding party. Consider choosing your own reception entrance song for a memorable moment. This wedding song can be romantic and fun, or outrageous and goofy — it can really set the tone for the rest of your wedding reception songs.

You may want to consider walking in to a favorite song that is special in your relationship. Some couples cut the cake at the start of the reception so the photographer can get a great shot before leaving for the evening, while others choose to do it immediately after dinner. Whenever you choose to dig into your dessert, you'll want to pick a fun cake-cutting song that suits the "sweet" occasion. The first dance can occur at the start of the reception, immediately after the newlyweds are introduced, or after dinner to kick off the rest of the dancing.

It's important to choose a song that's personal and sentimental—there are no rules when it comes to first dance wedding songs. Whether you and your S. The father-daughter dance is one of the most touching moments in any reception, but choosing the right song can be tricky.

Think about your relationship and what kind of song best represents you and your dad. The father-daughter dance songs below are sweet and sentimental—perfect for the special moment. The mother-son dance is another sentimental moment during the reception. As with father-daughter dance songs, this tune should be respectful and appropriate—and it should show off the bond you share. The list below includes the best wedding songs for any mother and son on the big day. Planning a country affair for you and your spouse-to-be?

Take a look at our list of country wedding songs below. You'll find a mix of classic country and pop, from romantic s to upbeat songs that are sure to get any crowd dancing. Whether you're planning a full-on country wedding or are looking to compliment your day with a few country hits, look no further.

As much as any wedding party loves to hear the classics, they'll also want to hear some new hits. These modern wedding songs will add some variety to your reception, and are great for dancing and singing along. Choose any of the modern wedding songs below to bring everyone together on the dance floor. Whether you're a fan of Christian music or simply looking to add special meaning to your wedding day, the following songs are a great place to start. These wedding songs span a variety of styles, such as pop, rock, country, and soul, and will fit every moment of your wedding, from the ceremony itself to the first dance.

These crowd favorites will inspire any guest to dance with their special someone, or tear it up with a more lively song. While every wedding should include romantic love songs, your guests will want to let loose and have fun during the reception.

The list of best wedding songs below are great for dancing and singing along, and will get any guest to in on the action. Have fun at your wedding with these classic tunes. There are certain songs that people expect to hear when they attend a wedding reception. The songs below have stood the test of time, and will be a welcome addition to your wedding. If you ever need to get people out on the dance floor, play one of these songs and wait to see everyone in.

No matter what style of music you choose on your wedding day, the classic love songs below will resonate with you and your partner as well as your guests. If you're looking to turn up the sentimentality during your wedding, these songs will bring everyone together to remember what matters. Every wedding should have romantic and sentimental moments, but it's also fun to laugh together as you celebrate. The funny wedding songs below span several decades, and are sure to get everyone dancing, singing, and laughing. Add a few of these wedding songs to your playlist to keep your reception fun and entertaining.

If your musical tastes are more off the beaten path, take a look at our indie wedding songs below. Even though your guests may not know some of these songs, they will fit the romantic and happy mood. Some are even great for dancing. Add a personal touch to your wedding with any of these lesser-known wedding favorites. If you're planning a Catholic wedding, there are many songs to choose from to highlight your day.

The songs below will be a beautiful addition to any Catholic wedding. If you're looking for gospel wedding songs, the list below will not disappoint. These songs will infuse your wedding with heart, emotion, and soul, and are beautiful additions to any ceremony. Whether you need a song to walk down the aisle to or one to sing to your partner, these songs will get everyone in attendance to smile and wipe away a tear. To get people dancing, try one of these upbeat wedding songs. This mix of classic rock, pop, and hip-hop spans several decades and will get anyone out of their chair and onto the dance floor.

Celebrate with your friends and family by cranking up one of these wedding songs. Sometimes the classic wedding songs can start to feel overplayed and tired. Keep the occasion fresh and surprise your guests by playing one of these unique songs. This mix will fit a variety of moments during your day, and may get your guests to ask, "What song is this? Looking for tunes you don't hear at every wedding? Consider adding a few alternative wedding songs to your lineup. We've got the best ideas here. Main Menu. Up. Back to Main Menu. Planning Tools. Wedding Vision. Discover Your Vision. Take The Knot's Style Quiz.

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