I want a slutwife

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We have stayed in love with each other and rarest of rare that we have an argument. He would compliment me every now and then. I like it. But before I get into details of how he turned me into a slut wife, let me give you a little description about myself. I gym regularly and try to stay fit as much as I can. I have decent size breasts and a firm butt my many friends envy me for.

My husband is handsome and attractive man. He is nicely shaped too. We are very open minded. And we must have broken all rules that husband and wife are suppose to follow, if so. This was for the first few years and then our sex life started to taper off a bit. One of the weekends, my husband was working in the study and I was to clean my wardrobe.

I found some old worn-out Victoria Secret lingerie. I thought of trying it before throwing it away. It was an old faded pair of lingerie. I wore it and showed to my husband. God knows, what went through him, he saw me and instantly jumped on to me. He took me there and then. It was study table — so you can imagine the scene! It was great afternoon sex after long! Great afternoon sex! And the whole weekend was full of sex. We both stayed in great mood and this was our weekend to have as much sex as possible.

I asked him again what did you like so much about my worn out lingerie —. We both started talking fantasies freely. It was going great yet again. As a result of this, our sex life was rocking and we were more open to talk to each other about our sexual desires. I was relishing and in the process getting liberated too. Now it was a ritual for us both to hang out naked in the hosue as much as possible and it increased the frequency of our love making. He would make love to me on the window, balcony, lawn and wherever he could. I was not hesitating at all too. He would attend his friends phone calls while taking me from behind.

It was bizzare but all happening. We were on the bed, my butt in the air, he was taking me deeply from behind and I was talking to his friend…. He would order lunch from outside and make me answer the door bell in a sexy lingerie. He would want to see me have sex with a delivery boy, plumber, cab driver….

Every now and then he would call his friends home for drinks and have me around in sexy revealing clothes. And later in the night he would make me view all his friend taking turns. One and all. I was loving this new role of being a slut wife. So now not only my husband but I was also starting to fantasise other men taking me. He had succeeded nicely in making me enjoy the feeling of being called slut wife.

His sharing wife fanatsy was evolving. I told him to go and make this a reality now. We spoke about turning this into reality. It excited me as much as him now. So we were ready. We had a handsome neighbour that both my husband and I were eyeing. It was my birthday approaching and he said let this be your birthday gift. It took me no time to give my consent for i liked the neighbour. Now were to bump into him in one of the neighbourhood bar coming Saturday.

My birthday was on Sunday. The neighbour was regular there — we would go occasionally. On saturday evening we went there hoping he would show up. We headed towards the bar and ordered drinks. Around 11 PM the man came into the bar. He was quite a heartthrob and it was evident with how women gave him a hot welcome. My husband waved at him and invited him over to the bar counter.

I felt little nervous. It took me a while to loosen up and then he offered me to dance with him. I looked at my husband and he nodded his head with a big smile. I was dancing with another man and he took not time to start flirting with me. I flirted back, thinking it would excite my husband seeing me acting slutty. The guy kept buying me drinks and kept flirting with me, I kept dancing with him and in between would sit on his lap.

My husband was enjoying his drink on the counter. I was getting really hot and turned on. Thinking about his fantasy and how hot it would be to have him tonight as my birthday gift. He was a gentleman so far minus casual flirting and then he tried to feel my body and kissed me. He instantly agreed and we drove back home together. My husband offered to drive and we both were sitting at the back seat of the car. He kept his hand on my bare thighs and I was surely liking the treatment of his hands on my bare thigh.

As we reached home , I turned on the music and my husband asked him for a drink. My husband and he sat on the couch. I was sitting on the opposite chair. There was no awkwardness after so many drinks and the atmosphere looked like perfect setting.

I was getting my birthday gift and in return I was to be a slut wife. Happily so! Then I got up to sit in between them on the couch. As drunk as we were — anything was possible. My husband kissed me and asked me to thank our neighbour nicely. I turned and kissed him and touched him down through the pants. The music was playing and my husband asked us both to continue dancing like were in the bar.

To be honest I could hardly stand but the man held my hand and started to dance with me. My husband dimmed all lights. My birthday and threesome. The man gently started caressing my back while holding me closely. I was feeling tipsy but when I felt his hands slip down to my butt, that did the trick. At the same time he started pushing his crotch into mine. We were back ont he couch after soemtime. He sat down and pulled me down into his lap. He then grabbed me and kissed me on my lips. His tongue was eating my tongue. The tongues played for a bit and in the meantime he touched my tits through the top.

I was feeling immense pleasure submitting myself to another man in front of my husband. I pulled my husband and kissed him. Touched me down there and he was rock hard too. I was now lying on my back across two laps. Soon I saw my top being torn off and thrown away. My skirt being taken off too. I was naked lying on their laps. I was so so wet. My husband was calling me his slut wife and that was making me horny and hungry. I was going mad. The man was all inside me and I had one in my mouth and one in my hole. I would have cum but was holding back as much. I could feel his balls slapping me with each stroke.

He was going hard and I was moaning loud. He came and filled my hole with his load. It was his fantasy coming true. It all happened and both these men took turns in my both holes and came inside me multiple times. It was hurting now but being called a slut wife was giving me high and I kept going and pleasing my men. After we were done and they had pulled out their clothes — I was still lying as it was…they decided we were to go neighbours house now.

Finally I got up and needed to go for shower. I came out of the shower and saw both my men again ready. I was so sore that they had to settle for a blowjob. My husband and I spoke about it later and decided this is it. We loved it together and thats that. A couple of days later my husband left for a business trip. It was Friday night and I went out for dinner with my friend. I met our neighbour there and to cut the long story short, I slept with again.

I was in no control of myself. My husband had pushed me into becoming a slut wife and now I was having more sex with other men than my husband. This is pure work of fiction. The article contains sexual content and is only for adult audience i. Contact: info dkoding. Press Release. Share This.

I want a slutwife

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How My Husband Turned Me into a Sl*t Wife