Have fun ladie

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Have your girlfriends each bring a favorite bottle of wine… and let whoever is organizing it supply the eats this time around. For a modest fee, you get to sample fresh wines and complimentary tapas at the end of the tour. You also may find some places offer live music and outdoor dining. Trails are typically sorted by distance and difficulty, which makes it easy to find the one most suitable for all the gals in your group. You can typically find painting stencils online. Pinterest , for instance, seemed to have quite a few.

There is also the option of casting a YouTube tutorial during the party for fun and easy step by step painting projects. In fact, pleasure reading is an art that is lost on so many of us as life gets in the way… and one that we really should make time for.

A book club makes you able. The movies, the snacks, the games. Playing silly pranks frozen bra, anyone? Gossiping about the mean girls and gushing over your latest crush. Times were so much simpler then… after all, teen angst has nothing on adulting. Send out invites asking everyone to bring their favorite childhood snacks and all the glamour magazines they can muster. Organized sports are a great way to stay or get fit, learn to work as a team and make new friends who share similar interests. Many towns offer adult leagues through their recreation department or community center.

There are also leagues to be found via private facilities, such as gyms or an indoor sports complex. You can invite the girls over to your place and keep it at one location… or you can run things Midnight Madness style and get in your cars for the ultimate team competition, with clues all over town. Ingesting the vibrant colors and aromatic fragrances of a botanical garden is a lovely and inexpensive way to spend the afternoon with your girlfriends. Some places even offer you the opportunity to purchase seeds and bulbs to bring home, so that your friends can start a friendship garden to remember these days.

Similarly, museums are a great way to expose yourself to familiar artists… as well as up and coming ones who may be worth starting a collection for. That or adding to one you already own. My kids really enjoy it. Everybody simply makes a dish they are proud of and agrees to bring it along. Typically you would as a few appetizers, main dishes and desserts.

There are websites that make hosting a potluck meal a cinch. You simply set up the attendee list and the of items needed in each category. For an extra level of fancy, try setting up a theme for the meal or a particular type of cuisine.

This is a great way to push each other out of your comfort zones and expose your palates to new things. There is something so relaxing about it… communing with nature, as we listen to the nighttime sounds. They work by casting your smart device. Things like true friends. I suggest starting out by making a list of causes or things you and your friends care most about. Pick your passion and start searching the internet or local paper for opportunities. Finishing a 5K race can be a great accomplishment for those new to running … or those committed to getting into better shape.

It is also a good enough distance to keep avid runners honest, when they are short on time… or have a light training day planned. Training for a 5K with your girlfriends can be a great bonding experience. And following a set diet and exercise plan together makes you more likely to stay the course.

Some of the group ideas outlined here can be found by searching community message boards or social media posts. Volunteermatch is another great resource. Nicole Krause has been writing both personally and professionally for over 20 years. She holds a dual B. As a happily married and extremely busy mother of four… her articles primarily focus on parenting, marriage, family, finance, organization and product reviews. Pin Buffer 2. What You Will Learn 1. The Wine and Cheese Picnic 2. Take a Winery or Brewery Tour 3.

Happy Hour or Ladies Night at the Bar 4. Go Hiking 5. Painting Party 6. Book Club 7. Retro Sleepover 8. a Sports League 9. Scavenger Hunt Visit a Botanical Garden or Museum Pick Your Own Fruit Organize a Potluck Lunch or Dinner Fire Pit Volunteer for a Service Project Organized sports are a great way to stay fit, learn to work as a team and make new friends who share similar interests. A good fire pit will help you relax and let you feel like you are communing with nature while listening to the nighttime sounds.

Have fun ladie

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