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The authority and duties conferred or imposed by this chapter upon the School may be exercised and discharged by the School or by such of its officers, committees or agents provided for in this chapter or provided for in any bylaws, rules or regulations adopted by it, as shall be severally charged therewith. The Governor shall annually appoint a suitable person to be a member of the Board to succeed the manager whose term has expired. Such person shall be a resident of the same county as the manager to be succeeded. Vacancies occurring for any reason other than expiration of term shall be filled only for the unexpired term.

The s of the School shall be audited by such ant or agency of the State as is authorized to audit the s of any board, commission or department of the State. The treasurer of the School shall submit for inspection by the auditing agency all the books of , vouchers and papers as will be necessary for the audits. Before any appropriation is made to the School from the State, the Board shall prepare a budget showing its needs and requirements and submit the same to the person or board charged with the preparation of the Budget Appropriation Bill and shall make a request of the General Assembly for such amount of money as in its judgment is necessary for the operation of the School during the next biennium.

The School shall cause the girls under its charge to be instructed in the branches of useful knowledge adapted to their age and capacity and in household employment, needlework and such other forms of industry as may be suited to their sex, age, strength and disposition and as may be best adapted to secure their improvement and future welfare. The School shall have regard to the character of those to whom the girls are entrusted, either in private homes or elsewhere, that they may secure to them the benefits of good example, wholesome instruction, improvement in virtue and knowledge and the opportunity to become intelligent, moral and useful members of society.

In the same manner and to the same amount as the County Council of New Castle County pays the School for the maintenance and instruction of girls committed to its custody, the Levy Court of Kent County and the County Council of Sussex County shall appropriate and pay moneys for the maintenance and instruction of girls committed to its custody from those counties respectively.

The estate, real and personal, of the School, and for the purposes of its incorporation, shall be free from state, county and city taxes. The Board, in assenting thereto, may receive into its charge, custody or guardianship, any girl not over 18 nor under 11 years of age when committed thereto in any 1 of the following modes:. At the end of the temporary period of commitment, the Court shall make final disposition of such case.

Title 31 Authenticated PDF. Woods Haven School for Girls. Incorporation; powers and duties. Exercise of powers and duties. Board of Managers; composition and appointment. Audit of s. Preparation and submission of a budget. Instruction of inmates. Payments by Levy Court and County Councils. Exemption from taxation.

Commitments to School. Aiding or harboring escapees; penalty. Confinement of delinquents.

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