Girls for sex in washington

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CSE can take various forms, including: prostitution, pornography, sex tourism, and other forms of transactional sex. CSE also potentially includes arranged marriages, where the person has not freely consented to marriage and is sexually abused. Although CSE mainly involves the abuse of women and girls, men and boys are also abused and exploited through prostitution and pornography.

Because the majority of the victims are women and girls, the focus of this summary will be on women and girls who are sexually exploited. Sex Trafficking is the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for the purposes of a commercial sex act.

People who are exploited in the commercial sex industry are viewed as victims of severe forms of trafficking in persons, in which a commercial sex act is induced by force, fraud, or coercion, or in which the person induced to perform such an act is under 18 years of age. Note: in the following sections, some of the statistics have wide ranges because the data was taken from six different studies that contained varying information.

Women who end up being sexually exploited never wished for that as little girls. He continues to groom her until she thinks she is in love with him and is dependent on him in some way for her happiness or livelihood. Can you imagine being a 14 year old girl stuck in a hotel room for hours with endless men coming to have sex with you? You have no control over what is going to happen when the next guy comes in, and sometimes the situation turns bad. For example:. So that gives you a small taste of what life might be like for the women and girls who are sexually exploited.

Now we turn to the demand side — the men. When we think of a man who would buy sex and victimize a young girl, we might conjure up an image of a seedy guy who is lonely and desperate. Although that profile may fit some buyers, all of the studies show there is no specific profile for men who purchase sex. In fact, one law enforcement officer called it the hardest crime for which to target perpetrators, because they run the gamut. The following statistics about men who have solicited women for commercial sex are from six separate studies done around the world:. So how do these, regular, everyday men end up deciding to purchase commercial sex?

In the same studies cited above, men were asked how they got into purchasing sex. Here are some of their replies:. These organizations and others are doing great work, yet the crime persists and there are girls being sexually exploited right now due to gaps in services available and lack of a comprehensive strategy for fighting CSE. ALLIANCE — We know that bringing businesses and organizations together to fight sexual exploitation will be stronger than each sector trying to fight this crime on their own.

Coming together allows us to embrace a broader strategy, to leverage all of our resources, and to incentivize collaboration among organizations in the field — all of which will help us end CSE sooner than we could on our own.

FIGHT — We want to link arms with other like-minded people and businesses that want to step into this fight. The darkness that surrounds this issue is strong and crafty, and it will take a fight to overcome it, so we want those who are up for the fight to the Alliance. No one deserves to be exploited. We know there are gaps in each of these areas in our state, yet we also know of new solutions coming to market that can help fill those gaps. We want to invest in those solutions, in a phased, strategic way, so as to try to solve the most immediate needs first.

For example, one of the solutions communities often try is a home where girls are able to recover from the horrors of what they experienced in the life. We think restoration facilities are great, however if there are no intervention efforts to get girls out of the life, then the restoration facilities remain empty. As such, there must be strong intervention efforts in order to support effective restoration efforts. The reason for you and your business or organization to get involved in SAFE is because you have a desire to end exploitation in our state — especially of young girls and women — and you want to do that in a coordinated, impactful way alongside others who care and want to enter the fight.

Executive Summary. How many people are commercially sexually exploited each year? Statistics about the supply side — the victims Women who end up being sexually exploited never wished for that as little girls. This rate increases if women are forced into both prostitution and pornography. Statistics about the demand side — the perpetrators Now we turn to the demand side — the men. Where did they get the ideas for these sex acts? Current efforts happening in Washington state There are many good organizations fighting this scourge in our state, including: Real Escape from the Sex Trade REST — builds pathways of freedom, safety and hope for victims of sex trafficking and people involved in the sex trade in Seattle and beyond.

Operation for Prostitution Survivors OPS — addresses the harm of prostitution, and creates opportunities for adult women in Seattle to seek supportive services and heal from gender-based violence. Rescue:Freedom — empowers the rescue and restoration of those suffering in sexual slavery through local efforts as well as a robust network of after-care facilities overseas.

Washington Engage — works through community coalitions to prevent human trafficking. Seattle Against Slavery — fosters collaboration in the fight against human trafficking through education, advocacy, and mobilization. Shared Hope International — strives to prevent the conditions that foster sex trafficking, restore victims of sex slavery, and bring justice to vulnerable women and children in Washington state and around the world. Washington Anti-trafficking Response Network WARN — a coalition of non-governmental organizations that provide direct services to victims of human trafficking in Washington state.

Washington Advisory Committee on Trafficking WashACT — a multidisciplinary task force that works to insure that victims of trafficking receive all resources available to them; and that human traffickers are identified, investigated and prosecuted to the utmost extent of the law. Youthcare — provides housing and services to victims of human trafficking. API Chaya — does community organizing and education regarding prevention of sexual and domestic violence, exploitation, and human trafficking.

Stolen Youth — raises awareness and money to fund services and research that supports the rescue and recovery of sexually exploited youth. Center for Children and Youth Justice — created the state-wide protocol for responding to commercially sexually exploited children. How you can enter the fight against CSE The first step is to look in the mirror and ask yourself these hard questions: Have I done anything to further the sexual exploitation of women i.

Do I believe I am a more valuable human being than the women and girls being exploited? If the girl caught in prostitution were my sister or daughter, would I feel differently about fighting for her? Am I willing to risk some of the relationships in my life by not being a by-stander anymore when people are engaging in sexual exploitation?

Girls for sex in washington

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