Alone today and tonight

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I've been pretty bored and lonely today. I went out for a walk for a couple hours just because staying in my house was making me feel like a slob. I'm very interested in people, so if you have anything to talk about, hit me up. Talk about your worries, your life stories. What are your thought on life? How are you feeling? You can ask me anything too, I'm pretty open. I appreciate it haha Have a good night, I hope your day goes well tomorrow.

I keep having nightmares about past relationships that I can't move on from. It's murdering me. I'm feeling pretty low. I made a post a couple hours ago trying to find a gamer ladie but it seems like it isn't working. I guess I'll just game by myself. I hope you're doing good OP. Thank you, that's sweet of you. Don't let it get to you, sometimes you just stumble into someone in a place you least expect. From my experience, I had better luck when I wasn't really trying to find anyone Its like when you're actively looking for somebody, you're less likely to find anyone.

But when you stop trying, that's when you do. By who? I'm getting multiple so I don't want to listen to the wrong one. Sorry to hear that. I can't really sleep right now so I'm still keeping myself occupied by talking to strangers. Do you want to chat? I got back to work after the new years break so I'm catching up on some jobs that need to be finished. I do spray painting right now, I started a job back in November and finished all of it, now started the next one but some extra parts got cut out for the first job so I kind of have to bounce between the two Haha.

Hey there. Feel free to holler if you need an ear to hear you out. I just woke up. I'm sorry to hear you guys are experiencing issues. Do you want to talk about it? Found the internet! Feeling alone tonight? Let's be lonely together. Posted by 3 years ago. Sort by: best. Shit that sounds miserable. Did you just wake up to one? Continue this thread. Alone Together is a nice song. I'm having a similar day too :c.

Yes please. Hey OP, what hobbies or projects you got going for yourself? What about you? More posts from the lonely community. A sub for all the lonely people. Everyone is welcome here, no matter your age, race, sex, sexuality, relationship status, all that we request is that you be accepting of people, and kind. Any problems at all, please let the moderators know. Created Jul 3, Top posts january 6th Top posts of january, Top posts Back to Top.

Alone today and tonight

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Leave my cable alone !! Do you want to do it again tonight and tomorrow and tomorrow ev